What Happens at a Make Your Own Stuffed Animal Party?

We love parties!  And the kids LOVE our parties too!

We usually arrive at your home or location right at the start of the party.  The kids can be around a dining room table or on the floor in your living room.  We usually start with some fun and silliness, always making your birthday child feel like the king or queen and then introduce the children to our fun stuffed animals.  The birthday child chooses his animal and then the other child choose as well.

We work with the children, helping them to stuff their animals with their fingers and thumbs - no machines needed - the kids actually "build" their animal using their hands with our super soft super safety tested animal stuffing.

While stuffing their animals, the kids take frequent hug and kisses breaks, making sure their new cuddly friend knows that it won't be long when they'll be closed up and loved for life.

Once stuffed, the children receive a rainbow star to insert into their animal - a sure guarantee that the animal will be loved and cherished by their owner.

Next the kids dress their animals with our fabulous variety of animal outfits, tshirts and accessories.  

Once the animals are dressed, the children decorate a take home bag while we work with each child individually to fill out the birth certificate for their animal.

We're at your home or location for approximately 45 minutes, providing a great activity and a lot of fun that will be memorable for years to come.

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