How We Work

What kind of business is this?

Most people looking for a home business are concerned about the money factor - are we going to make money? And I would say that, yes, with our business you can make money - if you're willing to work at it and promote yourself.  

This is one of the reasons this business is great for homeschool families.  Because often homeschoolers are looking for great ways to experience "life learning" a home busines like ours is ideal.  The kids can get involved in the marketing, advertising and promotion of the business right from the start not only by creating flyers but by crafting complete ad campaigns and marketing plans as part of their homeschool curriculum.  When the family does book an event or party, the entire family can be participate and interact with the children and parents in a fun, yet serious business setting.  The follow up contact with the event coordinators furthers the need for developing strong social and detailed communication skills. Plus when you do a party, the income you generate is nice too!

Military wives love it too! Because you need something that's totally flexible as well as "portable", this would be a great home business option for you if you have a spouse in the military.  Work a little, or a lot.  Take breaks when your spouse is home and do more while he's away.  It's all up to you.  Plus if you're making a move, the business can travel with you!

It's also great for day care directors or others who work in child learning center environments.  Your experience makes this the ideal add on business to your existing career.  Because you can determine how many hours you want to work, your new business won't interfere with your existing job.  Many of the birthday parties happen on the weekends and because most of our events last between one and two hours, it won't eat up all your free time either.

And if you're in a Direct Sales business, you know how great a business can be when you make the sale before the party even begins!  No more wondering what your profit will be, you'll know before you set foot in your clients door.  And, as stated above, because children’s parties are short and easy, you can easily run our children's party business in addition to your current direct sales career.

What will you get if you work with me?

I'm a homeschooling mom who has been doing this business with her family since 2004. It's been a great business for us and one of the things we enjoy most is working with other moms and families who want to make this a family business as well.

I've been working from home for over 20 years and have experienced the good and the bad of having a home based business.  I work very closely with my team - but work on a level that YOU want to work.  This will be your own business, not mine, and I'm here to help you as much as you want me to.  Some team members desire a lot of contact - sometime talking with me several times a week.  Others prefer occasional emails and still others just like to pull off the resources from our team website and do it solo.  As long as you let me know what you want and how you work best, I'll be happy to be here to support you in that.

Now that you have a better idea of how we work, click on the Find Out More link to find out you can get started in a business like this for yourself.

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