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Are you looking for some great children's birthday party entertainment?  Fun On The Ark with Annette Yen is a wonderful option for your next birthday party.

Why choose us for your next birthday party or other kid's party event?

• We come to you!  

You can save time, money and your sanity by throwing a fabulous birthday party at home (or any location you choose) and we'll bring the entertainment to you. 

• Exclusive stuffed animals and accessories of the highest quality

Our plush animals are fabulous and our premium animals are huge! You will not be disappointed!

• We're the entertainment

We're at your party location for about an hour, entertaining the children as they stuff and fluff their new stuffed animal friend.

AND we provide the take home bag!  

No more need to buy little bags with candy and plastic toys that get thrown away - each child takes home a gorgeous animal of their very own.

•  We bring only those products that you pay for 

The kids aren't constantly bombarding you with "Can I get this?" or "Can I get that?" like you'd find in the retail store.

Are you ready to find out more?  Jump to our What happens at a party page to read about what a party looks like for you and the kids.

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